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Set a social preview image, known as an Open Graph (OG) image, on every page on your site.

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What is an Open Graph (OG) image?

OG images are used to build a preview of your page when you add a link within social media posts and comments (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and in instant messaging tools (Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.).

Without an OG image, these platforms and tools will select a random, unformatted image from your page to use as a page preview, or sometimes, a preview image won’t be used at all.

Of course, this shouldn’t be the highest priority on your list, but details matter.

  • Your prospects share links with other decision-makers throughout their purchase journey.
  • Employees within your company share links to your website on social platforms. For example, careers pages, product release pages, corporate social responsibility pages, etc.

Here is our general guidance on OG images for B2B websites:

  • For your most important pages, create unique OG images - These pages need quality preview images because these pages get shared the most.
  • For all other pages, use a default OG image - This default OG image should be generic enough to be an acceptable preview for every page. You can often use the same copy and imagery as your home page’s hero banner.

To see a preview of your page on LinkedIn, use LinkedIn’s Post Inspector Tool. Link in the comments!

You can also use LinkedIn’s Post Inspector Tool to refresh LinkedIn’s cache of your page when you add/update OG metadata, including the OG image.

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