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B2B website optimization opportunity: Improve the ability for you prospects to ask questions

Why asking adding the ability to ask questions are is so important on B2B websites:

It is all but impossible for B2B companies with enterprise-level offerings to provide enough information for prospects to complete the jobs in their purchase journey on their website. (Note: AI will eventually prove this statement wrong; more info on this topic to come!)

B2B websites help prospects with a base level of understanding of how their products and/or services fit into a prospect’s team or organization.

But each prospect has unique challenges, goals, and requirements, and a sales rep can provide the information on the solutions that will address these unique needs.

Prospects will schedule a demo to get this much-needed information, right?!? They probably won’t...

A demo can feel like a significant step in the path to purchase, and prospects are aware that sales teams do not want to provide demos to a prospect that needs more buy-in within their team and organization.

Consider this example scenario,

An HR Manager at a growing company realizes their current HR platform cannot support their requirements for their personalized benefits packages. After completing initial research online, they found an alternative HR platform that supports creating personalized benefits packages.

The HR Manager needs to ask a specific question about benefits package capabilities to create a presentation to get buy-in within the organization on this problem and potential solution.

The HR Manager does not commit to a demo because they still need to get buy-in from their boss, the Director of HR.

Instead of scheduling the demo, they explore alternative sources of information online, including exploring other vendors, hoping to find an answer to their question.

In this scenario, the HR manager could have asked a question in a simple “ask a question” form, as long as they knew they would get a quick response and wouldn’t get bombarded by sales rep emails.

Conclusion: An “ask a question” form ensures a quick, accurate, and personalized response

This allowed this HR Manager to gather the necessary information before presenting it to their boss to get buy-in on an alternative platform.

Action item: Complete a quick audit of the CTAs on your website to discover if you are providing prospects in the beginning stages of their purchase journey with the ability and encouragement to ask a question to your sales team.

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