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When executing ABM campaigns, agility is an underrated ability.

Agility allows you to execute smaller, more targeted ABM campaigns.

And when you have a more targeted audience, you can speak more directly about their pain points.

These key elements make agility possible within an ABM campaign:

Planning & Strategy - Discovering opportunities and deciding where to spend your limited resources.

Structured and regular communication with sales

  • What opportunities can marketing and sales coordinate on to deliver an effective, targeted message?
  • What insights can sales share from their discussions with prospects?
  • How can you improve the support of your sales team?

Accurate and actionable data 

  • Do you have accurate data within your CRM and marketing automation platform?
  • Can you easily identify sub-segments of your ICP to target?
  • Do you have access to analyze your revenue data?

Execution - organized, quick, and quality of ABM marketing campaign assets

Integrated sales and marketing tech

  • Do you have integrated tools in place to support your ABM campaigns?
  • Are you able to track the KPIs you identified when planning your campaign? 
  • Can you easily run reports and generate dashboards for each campaign?

Systematic execution of marketing campaigns

  • Do you have process documentation that can help guide your execution and improve time-to-delivery?
  • Does your team and vendors know their responsibilities when executing an ABM campaign?
  • Does your team have a framework or checklist of items to assure quality for each deliverable?

Leave the one-size-fits-all strategy & solutions behind.
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