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What is account-based website personalization?

Account-based website personalization means customizing your website to speak more directly to each specific site visitor. 

For example, if an employee of Widget Corporation visits your website, you would personalize your website content to speak more directly to a Widget Corporation employee. 

In this case, the website personalization process may include swapping out your normal messaging for messaging that speaks more directly to the needs of Widget Corporation in hopes that the visitor will connect more with your content.

How does account-based website personalization work?

Account-based website personalization works by gathering firmographic data about the visitor or visitor’s company before using this data to personalize your website.

How do you gather firmographic data to use when personalizing your website?

There are two main methods for gathering firmographic data to use when personalizing your website. 

These two methods include using an anonymous website visitor tracking tool or using a visitor’s behavior as an indicator. Both methods work well when running a successful account-based website personalization strategy.

Using a reverse IP address lookup service

If the visitor’s IP address is mapped to an account using a number of reverse IP address lookup services, you can use the account record to personalize the content on your website(s).

Using visitors’ behavior as an indicator of purchase intent

You can use a visitor’s actions as an indicator of interest in a particular subject on your website. 

For example, if a visitor visits a few blog posts about a particular product offering, you can infer the visitor is showing purchase intent towards a product offering and personalize any further content or messaging towards this product offering.

How to personalize a website with firmographic data

There are hundreds of combinations of platforms used to personalize websites with firmographic data. Two examples include:

Using a website personalization platform

An effective strategy involves using a website personalization platform, such as Optimizely or Maxymiser. These website personalization platforms allow you to personalize, track, and measure the success of your strategy.

Using Javascript & Google Analytics

Use JavaScript to swap out content on your website and measure data by sending results to Google Analytics.

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